Frequently Asked Questions

Are your doors made of steel or aluminum?
Every door we manufacturer is made of steel. Steel is so much stronger than aluminum that it is the obvious choice for us.
But I was told that steel will rust?
Steel can rust and aluminum can oxidize, it is all basically the same. But by applying a baked on, powder coated finish, over our sandblasted steel, the worry of rusting has been avoided.
What kind of finish do you put on the door?
All our doors use a baked on, powder coated finish for the utmost strength and durability. A powder coated finish will far outlast a painted finish. Powder coating is more scratch, fade, chip, and rust resistant than a painted on finish. All products manufactured and sold by Prestige Security Doors come with a powder coated finish.
My old security door doesn’t keep the bugs out. How do your doors keep out bugs and snakes?
By building the door and frame to fit the house exactly, we have eliminated the gaps that are around typical security doors. Our doors are sealed on all 4 sides with a wool pile weatherstripping to make sure that nothing can crawl in.
What kind of weather strip do you use on your doors?
We only use wool pile weather strip. We have it custom manufactured in the USA. Unlike foam weather strip that tears or falls apart after a short time, wool pile lasts a lifetime. We guarantee it. If it ever wears out, we will replace it.
Do your doors lock with a deadbolt?
Yes, we use a solid brass deadbolt on every door. This gives you the utmost protection against unwanted entry.
What kind of hinges do you use?
We weld on steel hinges to every door build. Our hinges are the best in the industry. They have a steel body and an internal brass pin that cannot be removed. We weld each hinge to both the door and the frame to prevent sagging. We guarantee for as long as you own your door that our hinge will not wear out, sag, or need to be replaced. There is no better hinge available. Beware of screwed on hinges that can be removed and that are prone to sagging. Make sure you get a lifetime warranty.
I have a stucco home and was told I can’t put a security door on it.
Stucco homes are not a problem. We have created many unique frames for the many unique homes we encounter. We have specialized frames to work with each different home and door type that we see. If everyone else says that it can’t be done, give Prestige Security Doors a call before you give up.
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