Prestige Security Doors


Prestige security doors are the result of our quest to answer the Question, “How do we build the perfect screen door ever?”

It all started with the screen. We needed a screen that could last a lifetime and handle all that life throws at it: pushing, kicking, poking, dogs, and cats … all without ever tearing or pulling away from the door. This ultimate screen also needs to keep out the bugs while letting in the fresh air. 

The answer: Woven Stainless Steel Mesh.

  • We knew we couldn’t just put that screen on an ordinary aluminum screen door. We needed something stronger, something that wouldn’t bend in a strong wind. The best possible material was steel.
  • We use extremely strong 1” x 2” 16-gauge steel on every Guardian Door.

The result: the perfect screen door ever just happens to be secure as well.

The next item on the list: hinges. We have all experienced those screen doors that fall off their cheap aluminum hinges. The rivets pop out and the door sags. The “Never Sag” hinge was the perfect solution: these steel hinges weld to the door and to the frame.

We moved on to the handles and locks. What good are those screen door handles that have a small lever you flip to lock the door? Problem solved: We use solid brass handles and full size solid deadbolts to lock the Guardian Door.

We knew The Guardian wouldn’t be perfect unless it had a bug proof seal. We added a high quality wool pile weather stripping to all 4 sides of the door, along with an adjustable bottom shoe. The result: The Guardian is truly bug, lizard, and snake proof. 

We created the perfect screen door. One that is both beautiful and secure; one that will hold up to everything that you throw at it; one that compliments your original door instead of covering it up.

It gets even better: The Guardian comes in any color you can imagine—9 standard colors and hundreds of custom colors—as well as in dozens of eye-catching traditional and contemporary designs.

As with all of our products, Prestige’s Guardian security doors are manufactured locally, in Prescott, with only the highest quality materials. They come with a lifetime warranty.



Select a door model that best fits your style and security needs from our extensive design and color options.

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